Healthy & Wholesome Treats For Your Best Friend

Gruffies dog treats are made with healthy, sustainable, & wholesome ingredients for a guilt-free treat that supports overall health. Our blend of six superfoods, including organic peanut butter, hemp hearts, flax, barley, oats, and molasses, delivers essential nutrition like protein, fiber, and omegas. Gruffies combines great taste with health benefits, making them the ideal treat for dogs of any size or age. Treat your dog to Gruffies and promote a happier, healthier life.

The Best Snack For Your Pack

We’re on a journey to provide the happiest and healthiest life possible for your dog. Gruffies treats are made with real, simple, and responsible ingredients that support their health and their needs for a tasty treat. 

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Made With 6 Superfoods

The six superfoods in Gruffies provide essential nutrients like protein, fiber, and omegas, promoting overall health, immune system support, and a shiny coat for your best friend.

  1. Organic Hemp Hearts
  2. Organic Peanut Butter
  3. Organic Flax
  4. Organic Barley
  5. Organic Oats
  6. Organic Molasses

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